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Why Platform Stilettos?

Pointed toes or Platforms? Is there a need to choose? We don't think so. Our advice is simply to ignore the "fashion experts". Wear whichever you prefer. Vary your choice day by day. We successfully continued our unusually pointed-toe stilettos throughout the peak in Platform popularity and we will be continuing our Platform Stilettos throughout the much-heralded "return" of the pointed toe. In fact, we delight in taking both our Platforms and our Points to new extremes. Here is our sensational Ultra-High Platform Stiletto Court Shoe:



In the quest for ever-higher heels, platform shoes with elevated soles offer a popular option. They represent the opposite extreme to the pointed-toe stiletto shoe. They are just as exciting to wear, but in a different way. Both are equally interesting - and sexy.

Of course we love long pointed toes without platforms, but we also love to see superior quality elevated platform shoes with the foot-flattering arch and light, tip-toe grace of a beautifully executed high stiletto heel. Elegance in platform shoes can indeed be achieved - if you choose RoSa Shoes Platform Stilettos. 

    Sarah of RoSa in Black Leather Open-Toe Platform Stilettos

Platforms by RoSa Shoes

RoSa Shoes devotees know that we offer simple, classic styling - with the essential ingredient of sensual femininity. You will find no clumpy, awkward, block heels or thick plastic "pseudo stilettos" here. In our opinion, to achieve the most impressive visual effect combined with maximum reliability, a slender, solid metal-stem stiletto heel, even on a platform shoe, is necessary.

Our popular first generation of platform-soled stiletto shoes, as worn by Sarah in the photo above, featured a 3cm platform and a 15cm stiletto heel. We still have a few of these available in our Special Offers department at generously reduced prices.

More recently, we introduced an even more beautiful platform stiletto design, featuring a contoured 5cm-high platform and a soaring stiletto heel of between 16 and 17 cm, (graduated according to shoe size). The combination of slender stiletto heel and curvaceous platform sole completely avoids the undesirable heavy-looking "clunkiness" of most other platform shoes, which are usually little more than poorly balanced, thick-heeled, medium-height court shoes with a block underneath.

RoSa Platform Stilettos are, quite simply, the most elegant platform high heels available - high enough to make any woman empowered and confident. They add significant length to the leg, making petite women feel tall and tall women feel like goddesses.


Just like the extreme pointed-toe Stiletto shoe, a correctly-designed and balanced high heeled platform shoe always looks wonderful, always attracts attention, never goes out of style and can be worn with confidence, regardless of the fickleness of mass-market fashion.

We’re sure you will enjoy the elegantly elevated sensation of wearing our platform-soled high heels - with the added satisfaction of knowing that your expertly-crafted shoes are perfectly poised on genuine stiletto heels!