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What size shall I order?

Our shoes are sized according to European female sizing.

Our long pointed toe is extended from the natural foot shape and thus allows a little extra room in front. We consider our high heel long pointed styles to be "true to size" (if there is such a thing!)

Our platform stiletto shoes are also "true to size" (with the same caveat) because the "lift" of the heel (the actual heel height felt by the wearer's foot) is (very slightly) less extreme than in our non-platform high heels, meaning that it's a little bit easier to maneuver the foot into the shoe.

In our semi-point high heels, depending on your own toe outline, a larger size will often be necessary. This may seem illogical but it's important to remember that, despite old stories you may have heard about shoes from the early 1960s, a correctly designed, extended, sharply-pointed toe does NOT mean the shoe fits smaller or squashes your toes -  because the long pointed toe of the shoe is additional empty space. However, a semi-point toe attempts to give a more moderately pointed toe shape without adding the extra length. Obviously, this comes at the cost of less room in the front of the shoe.

Our medium heel with long pointed toe - customers tell us that the lower-cut styles (pumps and slingbacks, models 70, 71, 74 and 75) on this lower heel are generously sized so you may need a size smaller than usual  - BUT please be warned - the Oxford and Three-Buckle, (models 72 and 73) come higher on the foot and are a very snug fit at the instep -  so you may need a larger size (resulting in an even longer pointed toe!)

If you have a slim foot and wish to wear long pointed shoes without sliding forward too far into the toe of the shoe, a non-slip gel pad (readily available in many shops or online) under the ball of the foot is designed to prevent this happening. This will help to reduce any gap visible behind the ankle. It also reduces the subjective heel height experienced by the wearer by a small but significant fraction by acting as a slight internal platform. A double-layer of gel pads can be used if necessary.

If you need a size which is temporarily out of stock, email us for details about pre-ordering. If you buy the wrong size - email us within 14 days of receiving your purchase

our 35 is a UK 3 to 3.5
our 36 is a UK 4
our 37 is a UK 4.5
our 38 is a UK 5 to 5.5
our 39 is a UK 6
our 40 is a UK 6.5 to 7
our 41 is a UK 7 to 7.5
our 42 is a UK 8

For American sizes, add 2 to the UK size - e.g. European 42 = UK 8 = US 10

(Size equivalents are approximate because the European system and the sizing systems used in England and the USA do not exactly coincide)