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RoSa Shoes - Terms and Conditions




If you are unhappy with your purchase and need to return shoes to us, this must be requested by email to within 14 days from date of delivery. Please do not send shoes in the post without first informing us.

We do not under any circumstances accept worn or soiled returns. Shoes must be returned unworn, unmarked and 100% fit for sale as new.

Please do not try on shoes on a hard floor as dust or grit particles can mark the soles - if you don't have a carpet, please use a clean, dry towel or similar fabric item to protect the soles while you decide if the shoes fit.

All shoes are checked throughout manufacture, again before they leave our shoemaker's workshop and again by us before we pack and send them to you. In the event of a manufacturing fault, please inform us immediately.

In the interests of product improvement and customer satisfaction, we may request a reason for a return.

We assure all new customers that we do not sell unwearable shoes - all are tried and tested under normal conditions of wear as fit for purpose. However, please bear in mind that wearing high heels is a skill to be acquired by the novice wearer. If you have never worn high heels before, there may be some initial discomfort until your leg muscles adapt. Some new wearers may need a little encouragement, practice and even persuasion before they feel confident.

Our return address is 8 Widewater Close, Lancing, West Sussex, UK, BN15 8LA. We advise you to use a tracked service, insured to cover yourself against accidental loss or damage as the shoes remain your property until we have received them. We do not have a collection service, you will need to pay for return postage. However if you wish to simply exchange the size, we will send at no extra cost. Postage charges are not refundable.

IMPORTANT: If returning items to us from outside the EU it is necessary to write or indicate in a tick-box on the package or paperwork that items are "Returned Goods originally purchased from the UK". 

If shoes or boots show any visible sign of having been tried on carelessly (for example on a hard floor which has caused scratches or marking on the sole), worn for extended periods of time or used for any purpose, private or professional (including photo shoots, modelling assignments or other temporary use) or modified, abused, tampered with, damaged or soiled, deliberately or accidentally, while in your own possession or while in transit back to us under your own insured risk, we reserve the right to refuse a refund.

If we have agreed to supply a pair of shoes made exclusively for you in a non-standard custom colour (this means any colour other than black leather or black patent) this is done at no extra cost, but it is strictly on a non-returnable, non-refundable basis. For this reason we do not advize ordering a custom-made colour unless you are already familiar with our shoes.


Silk Scarves:

Sorry, we cannot accept returns of silk scarves except in the unlikely case of a manufacturing defect.


Exclusivity and stock availability

We are the designers and the exclusive stockists of RoSa Shoes and associated products. You can see immediately and reliably on the product page if your choice is in stock, and it will be sent to you promptly as soon as your transaction is verified. If a size or style goes out of stock, the item will be removed from the online shop product pages until the next delivery from our shoemakers. If you would like to confirm anticipated restocking date, or if you would like to pay in advance to secure a pair from our next shipment from Italy, please email us. 

The "Stilettos by RoSa" limited edition silk scarf is produced exclusively for RoSa Shoes in Italy and was designed by us in collaboration with the top silk specialist in Como.


Advice on care


All-leather shoes are not waterproof, and should not be worn in wet weather conditions. Please be aware - in cities in warmer climates, the streets are often hosed down late at night, leaving large puddles. If accidentally soaked in water, leather shoes must be allowed to dry out completely for a few days - right through to the vulcanised fibreboard insoles - before wearing them again. Dry slowly and naturally, not by application of heat.

Leathers used are carefully selected by our shoemakers. Some minor variation in the surface finish may occur from time to time because leather is a natural product and our production runs are small.

Any thin-heeled shoe with a long, fine-pointed toe will need routine maintenance from a shoe repairer. Shoes should not be worn if the heel tip has worn away, or damage may occur.

Our shoes and boots are designed, manufactured and sold specifically as women's high fashion shoes for dress or occasional use. Materials, components and construction methods used in RoSa Shoes are fit for purpose and appropriate for smart, occasional wear by women accustomed to this type of footwear. The shoes are intended for well-paved or indoor conditions, e.g. shopping malls, offices, airport terminals, clubs, bars, parties, dance halls, restaurants, etc. Any reference made on this website or in any of our literature or publicity material to the high quality of our products or of the materials used in their manufacture refers to aesthetic and/or luxury value, not to their ruggedness in inappropriate outdoor conditions.

The steel stems of our stiletto heels are so thin that it would not be practical or advisable to cover them with leather. To do so would also increase the thickness of the heel, which would lessen the stiletto appearance. In addition, leather heel coverings are always very vulnerable to damage in pavement cracks etc. However, with our heel, you can carry a pot of nail varnish (or a heel-renew pen or small bottle of Patent scuff restorer) for quick running repairs to the paint finish of the metal heel stems in case of accident.

Heel tips are replaceable. If your local shoe repairer is unable to supply suitable heel tips, please contact us.


Silk Scarves:

Silk scarves must be Dry Cleaned only, and ironed with care on the reverse side, on a silk setting, avoiding the rolled hem and stitching. They should not be worn in the rain.



We accept no responsibility, beyond advising caution, for any accidental damage occurring to your shoes, or to you, or to anyone or anything while you are wearing them. Take care!

Stiletto-heeled shoes with long pointed toes or platform soles are obviously not designed as practical, all-purpose items of footwear, and must be worn carefully as they can be hazardous in some circumstances.

Long pointed toes can trip you as you go upstairs if you forget to allow for them.

Platform soles are sometimes difficult to wear if the ground is uneven, e.g. cobbled streets, irregular paving slabs etc.

Stiletto heels can cause damage to some types of floor.

High Heels in general: When you sit down, especially on a low seat, always sit with your knees up and your feet resting equally on sole and heel. Do NOT extend your legs straight in front of you, resting the weight of your legs on the heels of your shoes. This is bad for any high heeled shoe as the leverage exerted by the weight of any leg (even a slim one !) on a longer heel may, over time, put excessive pressure on the heel fixings. For the same reason, don't wear them while driving a car and operating the foot pedals.

Any decision taken as to how, where, or when you wear extreme shoes is a matter for your own judgement and common sense.



No part of this website or any images or videos on the Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, Instagram or other Galleries linked to it may be reproduced or copied in any form or for any purpose without our permission.

All RoSa Shoes designs, and all logos, text, videos and photographic images are the exclusive property of Roger and Sarah Adams, trading as RoSa Shoes.

If you wish to use videos or pictures from our website or galleries for any purpose whatsoever, please contact us.

If you are an Ebay or Alibaba shoe vendor attempting to defraud your customers by stealing our photos and using them to con people into buying whatever inferior products you have, our answer will of course be "No".

We would politely request that "RoSa Shoes" be credited in the case of online reference in articles such as Blogs, and our website should receive a link.

In the case of our promotional videos, please do not try to re-post them without our credits and titles at the beginning and end. We will find you.



Transactions are in British Pounds. This will not affect your ability to buy if you live outside the UK - your card-issuing bank will convert the transaction to British Pounds automatically. Exact prices in overseas currencies will depend on exchange rates at the time of purchase. The precise rate of exchange is determined by your own bank or card-issuing company at the time of your transaction. Any price equivalents given on our website in dollars or euros, courtesy of the online currency converter, are an approximate guide only.



During the checkout procedure, you will be transferred to the encrypted secure Sagepay Server. This ensures your details are treated confidentially. Your card details are not stored or viewed by RoSa Shoes, we are simply informed by Sagepay whether or not the transaction has been successful.

Our full privacy and cookies statement can be viewed by following the link at the foot of the website


Your Address and email accuracy

It is your responsibility to ensure your details are correct when placing an order. If your email address is incorrect, or if your email inbox rejects our emails, we will be unable to contact you. If your postal address is incorrect there may be a problem delivering your order.



Alternative Methods of Payment

If you choose to pay with a cheque drawn on a UK bank, simply send details of your order, together with your cheque made payable to RoSa Shoes, in UK Pounds Sterling,  to us at the address on the Contact page.  You are strongly advised to check first on availability. The shoes will be reserved for a maximum of five working days pending receipt of your payment, and will be posted to you once your cheque payment has been verified and cleared by the bank.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please request an invoice, which will contain the details of your order and the necessary bank codes and information for your transfer. Please note - you must pay the charges for the transfer.


Import Taxes

Customs Duties payable on importation of goods sent to countries outside the EU are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.


Policy of ongoing improvement and refinement

Trimmings on Shoes (buckles etc.) and materials used may vary slightly within what we consider to be acceptable parameters from time to time due to availability of supply. Heel heights quoted are approximate and may vary by a few millimetres according to the size of the shoe. We reserve the right to maintain a policy of ongoing improvement and refinement to our range of products. Photographs of products are of the genuine item, and are not enhanced, exaggerated or altered other than for brightness or contrast or to remove shadow from the background. Colours of items on this website are as accurate as possible, but are reproduced by your computer equipment according to its settings and capabilities.


Ownership of Company - buyer beware!

"RoSa Shoes" is the name of the UK-based company entirely owned and run by Roger and Sarah Adams. There is no connection or association whatsoever with any other company or product which may use the word "rosa" in its company name or product description. The genuine RoSa logo always appears inside the shoes and is also stamped on the leather sole. It always has an upper-case letter S.

Genuine RoSa shoes and exclusive Italian silk scarves are only available, worldwide, direct from this website. There are no dealerships, stockists or agents. You will not find genuine new RoSa Shoes products on sale in any shop - or anywhere else on the internet.