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What is a "Sloane Street Style" Headscarf ?

The "Stilettos by RoSa"  90cm luxury silk scarf can of course be worn in many different ways. Our personal favourite is usually described by silk scarf lovers as "Sloane Street Style", after the fashionable area of London where stylish women wear finest quality silk headscarves tied extremely high on the front of the chin.

Worn "Sloane Street Style", the top of the scarf is at the crown of the head, revealing the front of the wearer's hair. The scarf crosses high over the cheeks, drawing attention to the eyes. The single wrapover knot is positioned as close to the mouth as possible: 

Photo courtesy of ScarfQueen website, used by permission

Wearing a silk scarf "Sloane Street Style" is not as easy as it looks. It is a style of casual elegance, but your scarf may need to be adjusted from time to time, especially if you are talking. As with most memorable women's fashions, practice is needed to wear it well - but the result is fascinating !

The "Sloane Street Style" scarf look can only be successfully achieved with a large (90cm) high quality 100% silk twill square with rolled hem. Our exclusive, limited edition "Stilettos by RoSa" scarf is a perfect example. Available in a choice of six colours, it was created in collaboration with one of the longest-established silk specialists in Italy, to celebrate our shoes - and to look especially wonderful when worn in our favourite way.

Only available from our own website, our scarf pays tribute to the classic, Hermes-style equestrian scarf designs, but substituting the usual “horsey” imagery with a selection of RoSa stiletto shoe illustrations, blended into a traditional setting depicting belts and chains.

Although its quality and appearance rivals even the most costly silk scarves available, the "Stilettos by RoSa" scarf is surprisingly affordable, especially as we are including secure worldwide shipping (via Royal Mail registered airmail) in the purchase price, which makes it the perfect gift for any lover of silk scarves or stiletto shoes.

Of course you can wear it any way you choose - but if you would like your face caressed by the finest Italian silk, we sincerely hope you will try "Sloane Street Style". It really is the best way to enjoy the full sensuality of the “Stilettos by RoSa” silk scarf.