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Roger and Sarah Adams Info and News

Roger and Sarah Adams of RoSa Shoes

RoSa Shoes online shop was founded in 2006 by musician/shoe designer Roger Adams and his wife Sarah. However, their first commercial involvement with stiletto heeled shoes was much earlier, in the summer of 1983, collecting and selling genuine vintage "old stock" stiletto shoes of early 1960s origin. (See Why Pointed Stilettos? for more on this.)

By 1988, Roger and Sarah had launched their own collection of shoe designs, aimed at the crossover point between fetish and fashion. The shoes were featured frequently in the fashion press (Elle, Tatler, Vogue, etc.) worn by celebrities including Madonna and Milla Jovovitch, stocked in London at the stores of designers such as Katharine Hamnett and Kim West and used by top photographers on the fetish scene, notably Trevor Watson and Bob Carlos Clarke.

Faced with economic recession in the UK and production difficulties due to the demise of the British component manufacturing industry, Roger and Sarah reluctantly quit the shoe business in the early 1990s.

By the end of the 1990s, Italian and Spanish shoe designers had re-launched pointed toes into mainstream fashion. Some resembled the original styles of the early 1960s - but without a genuine stiletto heel.

In 2005 Roger and Sarah discovered a new ultra-thin Italian heel, surpassing even the finest vintage stiletto heels of 1960 but more reliably constructed. A decision was made to try a new collection under the brand name RoSa, derived from the first two letters of Roger and Sarah's names. The updated designs combined an extreme version of the extended-point toe with the new stiletto heel.

Thanks to the Internet, there is no "bricks and mortar" retail shop or wholesaling to other sellers. The exclusive worldwide outlet is the RoSa Shoes website and online shop. This has proved an effective strategy, enabling the label to survive and consolidate, with regular clients in most countries of the world.


The first RoSa Shoes collection in 2006 combined a medium-high stiletto heel with an ultra- pointed toe. It has always been RoSa Shoes' proud claim that their designs have the most extreme pointed toe in production. To quote Sarah, "There is no such thing as too pointed!" The following Spring saw the introduction of a higher version - the RoSa 12cm High Stiletto. In February 2009 this shoe was featured, worn by model Lara Stone, in the New York Times Sunday magazine (Women's Fashion, Spring 2009), prompting an upsurge of interest from US customers.

These shoes have now been replaced by a new collection featuring an equally slender, but slightly higher 13cm stiletto heel - stylish, wearable (with a little practice!) and very "stiletto".

Variations on the high 13cm stiletto heel also included an early 1950s-style round toe a classically elegant semi-point toe (both now discontinued - see Special Offers) and, of course, the extravagant RoSa Shoes signature long point.

Also added to the collection are platform stiletto designs with open or round toe and higher heels, made possible by the raised platform sole. Now women make their own choices instead of merely following trends, platforms and pointed stilettos can co-exist happily in the same shoe closet.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the RoSa Shoes label, there was another new collection for early 2017 - a long-awaited, complete re-design of the Classic Medium High RoSa Shoes, with a new 10cm heel  and long pointed toe.

For 2019, having re-established the direction where they feel most comfortable, RoSa Shoes will once again be concentrating more on the extreme ends of the shoe spectrum, and the more moderate toe-shapes will begin to disappear.

Over the past few years, Roger and Sarah Adams' RoSa Shoes pointed stiletto designs have appeared in a photographic calendar for shoe devotees produced by Workman Publishing of New York. They have been featured by the Virtual Shoe Museum of the Netherlands and in the book "Shoes A-Z" (Thames & Hudson) by author Jonathan Walford, the founding curator of the world-famous Bata Shoe Museum of Toronto.

Megastar singer and actress Rihanna chose to perform in RoSa/51 black patent pointed slingbacks at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 in Las Vegas. She now has the shoes in several other colours, and made a widely publicized appearance in her "baby pink" pair during Paris Fashion week.

The medium-high, long-pointed stiletto shoes appear in a major TV series on Netflix - Season Two of  "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (episodes 3, 4, 7 and 8) released in 2018. Watch for British actress Lucy Punch as Esme Squalor showing off the extreme pointed toes of her ROSA/74 shoes.

Several styles from the RoSa Shoes collection were featured in Vogue Italia magazine, February 2018, in a beautifully imaginative shoot entitled Spirits Within  photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Katy England.

Roger and Sarah Adams continue to live and work in the UK, but their shoes are currently made in Italy by experienced craftsmen in a region known for designer-quality shoe production. Nevertheless, RoSa Shoes remain competitively priced.

In the new RoSa Shoes range, ideas evocative of the original stiletto era combine with well-chosen components, good quality materials, craftsmanship and a modern perspective to create an outstanding collection of essential stiletto-heeled shoes.

To complement their shoe designs, Roger and Sarah also introduced The Little Black Hobble Skirt - a range of made-to-measure retro tight skirts in the irresistably restrictive "hobble" style, made in a variety of fabrics and a choice of lengths. The Hobble Skirts are now available from the specialist online shop,

As a celebration of the shoes, and as a little "homage" to the elegant headscarf-wearing ladies often seen around certain parts of London when Roger and Sarah used to go hunting for old stock shoes in the early 1980s, an exclusive "Stilettos by RoSa" silk scarf was commissioned from a top Italian silk manufacturer in Como, designed to look especially wonderful in what is now referred to as "Sloane Street Style"   - that very distinctive, London way of wearing a headscarf, tied precariously high on the front of the chin, very close to the lips (as featured on the cover of the original "Roger and Sarah Adams" mail order catalogue - see slideshow below).

Memory Lane (a slide show of images from earlier days!)


                     Roger and Sarah Adams Memory Lane